Monday, 3 June 2013

Llanelli Triathlon 2013

Despite wasting the morning walking around saying “cracking day for it” to every man and his dog, I finally got round to putting my wetsuit on and missing the entire race briefing. I was speaking to a friend prior to starting and I claimed confidently that they’ve changed the run route, more notably, the direction of it. He informed me that I was talking utter bollocks and the run was exactly the same – one less thing to worry about. I still don’t know why I decided this!?
This was my first race in the new Xterra wetsuit – I’m a brand ambassador. I wore it around the house and did some lunging in the living room and decided it’s probably the best wetsuit in the World for lunging around your living room. In fairness, it’s very good in the water too...unlike me. The usual swim stuff entailed; foot in the groin, elbow in the ear and slap in the face and I was out in 7th.
Onto the bike and after an uneventful 30mins, my saddle slipped. So after riding what felt like a child’s bike for the final ~5k, I got out on the run. Yep, 7th fastest bike split. Can you guess what my run split position was...?
Putting my daps on, I only went and bent the insert of my right shoe and ran the 5k with a Steptoe & Son limp. Schoolboy error. It didn’t make much difference as my legs were shot from the child’s bike position I slowly developed. That’s right, 7th run split.
I finished 5th (Na-Ha!!) overall and claimed the ‘Carmarthenshire Resident Winner’ trophy... this was previously known as “The Spare Trophy”. Probably.
One thing I’ve noticed this year (and towards the end of last year, in fairness), the depth of talent in South Wales for triathlon is pretty impressive. For a region that’s predominantly know for its rugby, I’m amazed at every event by the growing numbers of very quick athletes – not to mention the overall number of people trying the sport. There were over 300 finishers at Llanelli alone?!
A shout to a school mate, Mathew Fuge, who had an unfortunate accident on the return bike leg only to get up and finish the race. He later found out he broke his wrist. Enjoy the painkillers, buddy.
122Beynon, DanielMSEc Cycles Merthyr01:11:35
2123Hockin, JamesMSCeltic Tri01:12:30
3285Simpson, RossMSUrban Cyclery01:14:13
4219Miles, DanielMSCardiff Tri01:15:50
5340Williams, JohnMS01:16:25


Next up for me, providing I can afford the fees, will be a visit to the Priory Rehabilitation Centre after some wedding celebrations last weekend. I’ve been sober twice since Friday AM. Congrats Allan and Anita – thanks for the wine. *dry heaves*
I also pared a par 5 on the previous day’s golf tournament and told everyone....EVERYONE...about this at some point during the wedding.
Apart from that, I have a title at Pendine Triathlon to defend (I haven’t got a chance) and then a couple World Championships qualifiers in Bristol and Llandudno at the end of June. Which reminds me, I need to get my passport. Bristol is abroad, right?
*points at Great Orme* “How great is that? Orme God”

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