Friday, 22 June 2012

Cosmeston Triathlon 2012

After spending so long on the sidelines injured (around 18 months) and also told to give up running as “I’m not built for it”, it was safe to say I had my fair share of nerves going into this race. My first since Bala 2010.

My training prior to the event was going well; swimming and cycling were a level above where I was before. Running on the other hand was 99% done on the treadmill and mainly intervals of 1k to limit stress on my knee. My longest, continual run before Sunday was 3 miles...and that was done once. And I stepped in dog shit during that run.

Anyway, if you are thinking of doing Cosmeston, then I’d suggest investing in a decent alarm clock or a fistful of ProPlus. 4:20AM I got up. 4:20AM! I’m hazy on exactly what I did in the morning, but I know I haven’t been up that early, sober, in a LONG time.

Got to Cardiff at 6am, set up bike, doused myself in baby-oil and rubber’d myself up. If you’ve come to this blog via a Google search of ‘Dogging’, then you’re in for a huge disappointment.

In the water for 7am, an average 13min swim later (wetsuit too small?) and exited in 11th. Forgot about the shambles that is a transition, and struggled to get on the bike...a verge later, I was down the road and breathing out of my arse. Slowly ticking people off along the 20k, I counted 3 in front at the halfway mark. Passing the guy in 3rd before getting back to Cosmeston, I had no idea how I’d run off a good bike effort. A quick kudos to the bloke who was HAMMERED near the bike exit at 7:15am. I found out he fell face first onto the road and was escorted by the police and given a cell/bed for the morning. Champion.

Onto the run, I had what looked like maybe 30 seconds onto 4th. I was convinced that I’d be caught in the first 1k and was on the cusp of cramping in both calves. Thankfully, this eased and just got in a rhythm of running/looking behind. The gap was growing if anything and I was feeling comfortable ticking along and just wanting to finish without my knee blowing up. With 1k left and after a long straight, I could enjoy knowing that I was coming in at 3rd.

It’s the second time in racing that I’ve missed the finishing shute.

Over the moon to finish with no pain/swelling/discomfort and a bonus of having 3rd. A big confidence boost for the ETU Cross Champs in Holland and Tuska Tri (Welsh Sprint Championships).

Course record was also broken on the day by a 16yr old from London – the third Brownlee - maybe a claim to fame when he races in Rio 2016? He’s going places (just not the pub...).

750m Swim:        13:10
20k Bike:              32:37 - Strava
5k Run:                 18:42

Lost arm to a swan...

Enterting T2 still clipped in. Forgot about that...
Luckily, he didn't get a photo of me doing a commando roll under the barrier as I missed the finishing shute...

Finish. Clearly impressed the kid with my Dino hand...

3rd Place. He's not my Dad...nice jumper though. Check the girl who's clearly impressed.

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