Monday, 4 April 2011

No sooner as 2011 kicks off and with a load of winter training under my comes to a screeching halt. Twice. My swimming and cycling has progressed since last year; let's face it, the only way my swimming could get worse was if I decided to swim breastroke...with weights on my a diving suit...full of piss. You get the jyst.
My cycling, thanks to hours on the turbo trainer (indoor trainer to you non triathletes), has improved considerably. The previous winter was spent on the roads in pitch black on my MTB, which was great, if not a little wet, cold, windy. But this year, the sweat fest that is the turbo. I feel faster, I look thinner and still very pale. Nigh on translucent.

I've also changed my saddle on the Time Trial bike to the Adamo - it looks painful and for a week of so, it was. But with some perseverance I can sit on the tip of this saddle without loosing feeling in my chappy. He's happy, I'm happy...everyone is happy...including Trybikestore who made £120 off me. They're defo happy.

Back to the screeching halt: it's my left knee. I've been diagnosed with ITBS (which sounds like some kinda' loose bowel issue...but nope), and recently had a steroid injection to see if that has any effect on the area. I haven't tried running since, but swam and cycled. I'll give 2~3 weeks off running.

This Ironman lark is slowly taking it's toll. Jeggo has had to pull out due to a foot injury and I'm on the verge of getting into last minute territory* in terms of getting "run fit". I've got 14 weeks to get through including a week in Mallorca on the bike, a Half Ironman and a tough Olympic distance event in Pontypool. I've already withdrawn from a half marathon and a duathlon this year. Blow.

*Since this blog has taken me the best part of 2 weeks to write...I've changed my mind about Ironman Austria and literally, just signed the withdrawal application. With no running over 30mins since mid February and possibly another 2~4 week layoff; that'll give me 12-10 weeks for Austria to get run fit without even factoring in a decent taper. So, after discussing it with the coach, I'm pulling out and shifting the focus onto something else. I'll enter this week at some point.

In other news: On the back of last year’s results, I've got a sponsor. A triathlon store in Pembroke called Triexercise. In my desperation for sponsorship last year, I sent a load of emails out to provoke some form of reaction and it worked...although Darren from Triexercise took the best part of 5 months to realise that the "reply" button actually worked (well, that and the fact that they were in the process of moving the store...).

So, with the backing from Triexercise, it allows me to free up some funds to race abroad again this year. Something I want to do every year; even if it is one race. I did fancy doing the European Cross Triathlon Championships in Visegrad, Hungary (40k north of Budapest), but it fell on the same weekend as Ironman Austria. So, with the weekend free, I'll more than likely enter that and get to race under the GB Age-Group squad again...providing; a) my mtb still works from Nepal b) my knee works c) Visegrad doesn't resemble something out of a Eastern European snuff movie.

Anyhow, I'm back into the strength and conditioning phase and hopefully on the road to getting this knee fixed. Patience is key.

I'll just copy & paste this chat I had with Lowri in work as its pretty light hearted and made me laugh...although it makes more sense if you read from the bottom up.

From: John B Williams To: Lowri J Jones Subject: RE: Hiya!!! x Good chat. I like this. x

From: Lowri J Jones To: John B Williams Subject: RE: Hiya!!! x I just giggled loads!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!! x

From: John B Williams To: Lowri J Jones Subject: RE: Hiya!!! x It's more of a "Hi, I'm a zebra in a fancy dress costume and I've come as a horse, but ran out of 'scuse the legs". X

From: Lowri J Jones To: John B Williams Subject: Hiya!!! x

From: John B Williams To: Lowri J Jones Subject: RE: Bored. I type random letters into Word, then correct them with the spell checker to something I've never heard of and press the "look up" button. Great way to kill 30mins. Although they've kinda' dropped the ball on the "Okapis" chap. x

From: Lowri J Jones To: John B Williams Subject: RE: LMAO!!!!!! How did you find that out?!?!!? xx

From: John B Williams To: Lowri J Jones Subject: RE: Ah bless. I've eaten quite a bit so I'm due a nap. Bear with me; according to Microsoft Word, an Okapis is an African animal resembling a giraffe. Although it has a short neck. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't resemble a giraffe then?! X

From: Lowri J Jones To: John B Williams Subject: RE: I’m starting to flag now!!! I think the busy day and swimming last night are catching up wit me!!! x

On last thing; A photo of a friends dog.

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